Friday, January 8, 2010

La di flippin' da

Thanks to Mother Nature, I am one bored girl. We got a bunch of snow last night and as a result I have seen two kids today and don't have another one scheduled for another couple of hours (I will be calling my three remaining kids to make sure they're coming in). All my paperwork is done, so here I am.

(Remotely) new and (remotely) interesting things going on in my life...

-New Year's Resolution (to work out at least 5x/week) is going okay so far. I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday this week so as long as I stay on track for the rest of the week I'll be good to go. I've been trying to eat less junk too, but I also spent two days at home with my recently de-wisdom teethed hubby and as a result have been catching myself eating out of boredom. And because I love pudding, which we currently have in copious amounts. Mmmm, butterscotch pudding...However, I did just discover the joy of mixing ranch dressing with Tastefully Simple Fiesta Mix to dip veggies in so hopefully this motivates me to eat more of the green/red/orange stuff.

-Also, in an effort to branch out in my fitness habits and try to strengthen up my wimpy upper body, I have been to exactly TWO yoga classes with my friend Anne. They're on Sunday afternoons for 75 minutes, and remind me just how wimpy my upper body is. But yet, I like long as I get in some cardio before or after.

-I have been trying to get on the treadmill more, since the road conditions in my area are not exactly amenable to running (not even with my running tights on). Plus, I have a habit of falling and hurting myself while running, and since there's snow and ice all over I'd rather not tempt the fates. Here's the thing, though...I hate the treadmill. HATE HATE HATE. I'd rather run around the track (which is either 9 laps/mile or 12 laps/mile depending on which Urban Active I'm at that day). But the treadmill has tv, which is key if NCIS is on. I love that show. So I'm making the effort...I need to keep in running shape in order to train for whatever half marathon I decide to do this spring. Sometime this year, I REALLY want to run a sub 1:50 half. I ran my first (on a hilly course) in 2:01:02, and my second (on a nice flat course) in 1:55:4something so it's not out of the realm of possibility...but that means no slacking on the speedwork like I did for my last half. Yes, that's right, I slacked on my speedwork. But no more, I say.

-Jason has told me that he's going to do our local Race for the Cure this May. He's claimed he's going to run this race or that race with me but I think he'll actually follow through on this one...our city lost a prominent resident to breast cancer shortly before Thanksgiving (she and her husband both went to OSU, her hubby played football for Ohio State and the Lions before retiring to take care of her after she was first diagnosed) and Jason is a huge fan of her husband's radio show so he wants to do the race in honor of this family. This time, I think he'll follow through...this particular death hit us both kind of hard for someone we've never actually met. Maybe I'll be able to make a running buddy out of him yet!

Other than that, not much is going on. Jason is recovering from his widsom teeth removal really nicely (better than I expected, honestly...he's whiny when he's in pain), work is good (though boring right now), the house is good, and Georgie is of course great. So...yeah.

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