Sunday, April 26, 2009


This time next Sunday, I will have officially completed my first half marathon. It's been this far off THING, for lack of a better word, but it's really coming. And will be here next Sunday. I think I'm ready, training wise. I followed my training program to the T (well, with regard to running what distance what day, except for the week after Easter when I was fighting off my sinus infection). However, there is one way in which I am NOT ready...what am I going to WEAR for the race?!

You can stop laughing now. This is actually something I worry about. I know what shorts I'm going to wear, what socks, what shoes (duh), and what long sleeved shirt I can bear to part with when I get too warm. I have it narrowed down to two sleeveless tops, and whichever top I pick will determine which sports bra I wear. It's either going to be pink top with white sports bra, or vice versa. Decisions, decisions...

At least the weather is supposed to be glorious-long term forecasts are predicting high temp of 69 for race day, and low temp of 53. Seeing as the race starts at 6 FUCKING 30 IN THE MORNING (aaah!), I figure the race time temps will be closer to 53 than 69. At least, I hope so.

Regardless of how I do and how sore I am or am not, I am SO glad I took next Monday off work. Because if I AM sore, the last thing I'm going to be able to do effectively is chase kids around and make them talk all day.

In other news...Georgie is PHE.NOM.IN.AL. Seriously, greatest dog ever. No pottying in the house, no more keeping Mommy up at night (fixed by moving her crate into our bedroom), and slowly improving social skills. Meaning, she didn't growl at ANY of the BIIIIG dogs (those are the only things she growls at) yesterday. We met Shannon, her husband Bryan, and their dog Oakley at Antrim Park and Georgie did fabulously with allll of the doggies she met, regardless of their size. Then, we met Jen at Highbanks Metropark for a walk today, and she did great with all the doggies there again :D YAY Georgie! Who, I must say, is exhausted. She's probably relieved that Mommy goes back to work tomorrow, and she can go back to taking it easy with Daddy again.

More news...we still have not really tackled any of our big yard projects yet. I planted a herb garden in a window box that hangs off our back deck, so that's a start. We have a variety of projects that won't be hard to do, we just have to get our butts in gear, go to Lowe's, and buy some shit. So, yeah.

Aaaaaand, that's all I've got. More to come after the Pig next weekend! (assuming I don't keel over)

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, starting last Weds, I had five days off to look forward to. Had a little sore throat at work on Tuesday, but no biggie. Between getting Georgie Weds night and not getting much sleep that night and the next, my sore throat escalated into a full on cold. Snot, coughing, whole nine yards. Once we got Georgie's sleep issues under control (thanks to moving her crate into our bedroom) and I started sleeping more, I started feeling better. So what do I do? Run nine miles on Saturday. Hey, I've got a half marathon in three weeks! Still, not the greatest idea. Feel tired, but better all day Saturday. Get up Sunday, go to church and then brunch. Diane (Jason's mom) comes over after brunch to meet Georgiegirl, we go on a walk, then I take a nap.

THEN the fun starts. I wake up from my nap with serious chills. No bueno, seeing as I had on a sweatshirt, jeans, and socks, and was burrowed under a blanket. So I try to get up and move around, and put some laundry away. No problem, until I find myself depositing the rest of my brunch into the toilet. The chills were replaced by a lovely fever, topping out at 104.something, which is SO not like me at all. Poor Jason was freaking out :P We got the fever down, I called off work this morning and went to the nearest CVS Minute Clinic. Diagnosis=sinus infection. Got a 10 day dose of amoxicillin and headed back home.

Why this has to happen WHILE I'M ON VACATION, I'll never know. Such bullshit.

On the upside, Georgie is a great snuggle buddy :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I haz a dog!

Excuse me, I mean WE haz a dog. As in Georgia Sue. Aka Georgie. Aka Peanut, Pudding Pop, Sweet Girl, Puppy Girl, etc. The dog has more nicknames than she has days spent at home with us.

So far, things have gone REALLY well. We got her from Second Chance Humane Society in Johnstown, and since she was a stray brought there we had no clue what kind of life she'd had prior to coming to the shelter. However, it wasn't hard to figure out that whatever life she had, someone taught this sweet girl to sit, shake, and go potty outside. So far, no accidents, she LOVES her toys, and smelling all the new smells on walks in our neighborhood. Georgie is also a couch potato-she loveloveloves to snuggle on the couch with Jason or I. She is not yet a HUGE fan of her crate, but will just whine for a couple of minutes every half an hour or so. This kept me up half the night, but Jason slept right through it, the bastard.

We haven't fenced in our yard yet, but will be very soon. In the meantime, she's digging being out on the 30ft cable we have anchored in the yard, and would sit out there and rip yellow fuzz off her tennis ball if we let her...but only if one of us was sitting outside with her :D

In a nutshell, she's pretty great. So far, it looks like we got REALLY lucky here, and are totally head over heels in love with her. I mean, how can you NOT love this face?