Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some thoughts...and some dog pics

As of this past Sunday, Jason and I have been married for one full year. 365 days. Wheeee! Here's what I don't get-when we first got married, so many people told us that the first year of marriage would be the hardest one. Um, if the rest of our marriage is as easy as the first year was, we'll be set. Yeah, we had minor spats, but nothing that we didn't have before we got married. You don't clean enough (his gripe), if you want me to clean more then YOU get to clean the bathtub every once in a while and do you even know how to use the tub cleaner? (my gripe)
You get the idea.
I also feel that living together for two years before the wedding helped the transition from "engaged" to "married" be considerably more smooth. When we got back from Yellowstone, it was like "Okay, we're married. Back in our apartment, with all our same stuff (we were storing the wedding gifts at my parents at the time), but really life doesn't feel all that much different." And yeah, I have a new last name. And we have lots of new stuff, which is amazing. But I feel like not having to deal with the stress of moving in together and learning each other's annoying habits (ie clean freakness or allergy to cleaning the bathroom) on top of adjusting to the fact that you are stuck with that person for the made things a lot easier.
(And yes, I am saying that while my husband is somewhat of a neat freak, he HATES to clean the bathroom. I mean, hatehatehate with the heat of a thousand suns. I could tell you some gross stories, but I won't, just in case you're eating.)

Since we just hit a year of marriage, this also means that it's been a year since our trip to Yellowstone. Easily one of the most amazing places ever...I would go there again in a heartbeat, and hope to do so before we have kids. Or when they're small enough to pawn off on my parents.

How does one celebrate your 1 year anniversary, you ask? Let's see here...I got us tickets to see Journey on August 26th. YAY!!! We also had a kickass housewarming/anniversary celebration party. For us, kickass meant a shitload of food, a keg of Bud Light, and 156 jello shots. Plus the four cases of beer our friends picked up after the keg was 1130pm. Mind you, we TAPPED the keg at 6pm. So I'd say the party was a rocking success, if these pictures of our tired Georgie and Jeff's tired puppy Ozzie are any indication...

The day after...

They're so sweet when they're sleeping!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Okay, so I'm a BAD blog mom

It's been over a month since I updated this bad boy?! Really?! I knew it had been a few weeks, but damn. So, on with the updates.

House-We now have furniture in the living room AND the family room! Woohoo! We got a kickass new sectional, chair, and coffee table for the family room, and moved the couch, loveseat, and table that were in the family room upstairs to the living room. We lovelovelove the new stuff, and so does Georgie :D I'll post links to pics, once the store's website decides to quit being a painintheass.

We also have a shiny new chain link fence, which is AWESOME. Georgie is finally learning that she CAN go off the deck and into the yard without one of us right there, so woohoo for that. Speaking of the deck, we finally got around to replacing the rails of said deck (they were in horrible shape) and it looks SO much better. I'll post pics once we waterproof it...which we were going to do today, but Mother Nature has decided otherwise. Biotch.

Dog-She's fantastic. I took her to get her toenails clipped yesterday-since Jason and I are big ol' wimps, we let the vet's office do it. She did phenomenally, and officially weighs 40.3 lbs. So she's put on 7 much needed pounds in the last three months, and is just about the perfect size. Needless to say, we ADORE her, and she's doing great! I'm lazy and haven't uploaded pics, but I will soon.

Work-is work. Kids telling me about their Rey Mysterio masks (he's a professional wrestler, for those of you who don't know), kids grabbing my hair, kids hitting themselves in the head...the usual. On the upside, no poop, puke, or bloodshed...and that's all I can ask for.

Life in general-pretty damn good. Ol' Boy and I hit one year of marriage next Sunday (aaah!) and are celebrating by throwing an anniversary/housewarming party. Hence the need to waterproof the deck. My anniversary gift to him is tickets to the Journey concert next month...and I managed to wait exactly 10 minutes after I ordered the tickets to tell him :D We're both pretty pumped- "Don't Stop Believin" was the last LAST song at our reception, and holds a special place in our hearts.

On a running related note, the half marathon I'm planning on doing here in town is October 18th. Meaning I have to start training soon...booo! At least I don't have to worry about any huge hills this time.

Aaaaand that's 6 weeks worth of updates crammed into one post...I promise I'll be better about posting. At least, I'll try :D