Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am impressed

We finally got the bulk of the invitations out this past Weds. (about two weeks later than planned, but when you have people that say "Oh, I'll help you address those" and then do nada, therefore leaving you do address all 150 of them takes longer). It's now Saturday, and we've gotten 8 RSVPs back already. Yee-ha!

Surprisingly, for being 7 weeks out, I am not freaking out yet. That is, if constantly reviewing my to-do list in my head does NOT constitute freaking out. I'm not in too bad of shape here-invites are 95% out, programs are finally taking shape (thanks to my cousin Chip), final fitting is Tuesday, and meetings with the DJ, reverend, hotel, photographer, and cake baker are impending. Plus, we have to order GM gifts (and figure out what to get our parents), get the FG dress in order, and make sure the GMs are working on getting their tux orders in. I swear, I'm not freaking out. Yet. Just overanalyzing, I think.

On the upside, my showers and bach party are out of the way. And thank you notes are almost done, yee-ha! My bach party was great fun...until the next morning, when I had the dry heaves for three hours before I FINALLY threw up. I've never been so glad to puke in my life. House hunting when hung over=bad. I suggest no one EVER do it.

Speaking of house hunting, we're heading back out tomorrow. We got word today that the listing agent for the house we initially went into contract on before walking away (aka the raging bitch from hell) finally conceded defeat, so I get my earnest money check back tomorrow and we can all close that nasty little chapter in the Great House Hunt of 2008.

Aaaaand, that's about all I've got. School's over for the summer, but I've still got to go out and pack stuff on Tuesday b/c the speech room's moving, and will have Extended School Year kids out that way starting Wednesday. Plus, I have to get my school files in order (which I didn't do in the first place...oops) before Hippotherapy and my language/social group start next week and I officially have NO time. Oh, joy.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Update...the shortened version.
-We find out we need a third party roof inspection b/c there was a big discrepancy b/t our inspector's estimate of the roof and the sellers' contractor's estimate. The listing agent (who I will call M) tells our agent (aka C) that she will have the seller take care of it and have the report to C by X date.
-In the meantime, we draw up the remedy request list, with the addendum reserving the right to revise said list based on the results of the third party inspection to be initiated by the seller, and the report of which was to be given to C by M by X date and which C had not yet received.
-We then find out that not only will the sellers not fix anything on the remedy list, but that M has her panties in a serious bunch that C mentioned her by name in this addendum. We take this to mean one of two things-either she didn't tell the sellers to get the inspection, or she did and the report was not good. Based on the fact that the sellers rejected the remedy requests, we decide to walk away. We tell C, and she tells M (on a Saturday) and faxes the official paperwork to M the next business day (Monday).
-M decides that we submitted the paperwork after the "deadline" (even though she got verbal word that we were terminating the contract before said deadline) and therefore she wasn't accepting our terms.
-As part of the FHA loan criteria (the loan we were going for), the roof has to have at least 15 years of life left, and the crawl space has to be 100% visible. Neither of which were the case, and we knew it. Unfortunately, to get out of this, we had to go ahead with the appraisal. This happened last Friday, and C and her company reimbursed us for said appraisal.
-Tuesday, we get word that the loan was denied b/c the appraisal price was less than the selling price. Big surprise. I never thought I'd be happy to have a house loan denied...but I was. We fax new termination of contract paperwork to M today. Quite joyously, I might add.

-The kicker? Oh, this is fabulous...after telling us that the sellers won't fix anything on the remedy list b/c they "don't have any money left", she informs C that the sellers are willing to drop the selling price down to the appraisal price-which was $8500 less than the selling price.

Needless to say, we decided to say F you guys and are STILL walking away. Too little, too late my friends.

The moral of this story? Watch out for crappy house flippers...and their shady agents.

In the meantime, we're still looking. We're still aiming to have a house to put all our fabulous wedding gifts in...because I've got one shower down and one to go, and we're getting some "balla ass shit".

Saturday, May 3, 2008


To quote the girls on the Knot who post "CHECK!!11!1!" every time they complete some item on theKnot's all knowing wedding checklist.

The quick and dirty on the house inspection yesterday...
1. There are two large and in charge wasp/hornet nests in the attic. Thank you sweetbabyjesus that said nests are NOT live.
2. Some electrician was apparently a lazy mofo and therefore 75% of the electrical outlet boxes are loose.
3. Most of the windows will take your fingers off by slamming down on them as soon as you put them up. Apparently, things called balancers keep this from happening, and said windows need new ones.
4. Some other lazy mofo got equally lazy with the weedwhacker, and took out parts of the siding along the bottom of the house. Bastid.
5. And last but not certainly not least, as it is definitely the biggest issue-the inspector said that at best, assuming Mother Nature is kind to Central Ohio (which doesn't often happen), the roof has another 2-4 years before it'll need to be replaced.

The roof issue is really the make or break point for us. Once we get the termite inspection and septic tank inspections done, we meet with our realtor and write up the "remedy requests", which are exactly what they sound like-a list of things we want the sellers to fix. If they won't have the roof replaced, they're going to have to significantly drop the price of the house, by the amount it would cost to have said roof replaced ourselves. And if neither one of these things happens, we're going to have to walk away. I do NOT want to do that, but there's no way we're not getting a new roof or adequate compensation out of the deal. If the roof had 5-10 years? Sure. But the 2-4 year estimate is assuming that we don't get any major hailstorms or snows in that time frame, and the chance of that happening is, uh....nil.

So, we'll see how the termite and septic inspections shake out, and what we can with the remedy requests. God, I hope this works out. I really want this house, and I want to be in it before the wedding.

Speaking of which...two and a half months. CRAPCRAPCRAP. I have a bridal shower in two weeks-no clue what to wear. Also no clue what to wear to the bridal shower that's a week after that. Other than that, we're in okay shape. Tasting next Fri, premarital counseling sessions to schedule, garter and guestbook/calendar thingy to order, a couple more dress fittings, various checking in calls with vendors to make, and invitations to address. Damn you, invitations! I will actually have to write neatly, and that sucks.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Go, go Gadget Periscope!

Tomorrow morning is the inspection on what will hopefully be our soon to be house. We're hoping Inspector Gadget decides that the roof and siding need to be replaced, and that we can make the sellers take care of that. Either way, we'll see what happens, and cross our fingers REALLY hard. We both really love this house.