Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm aliiiiiive!

A recap of the last 48 hours or so of my life...(sorry in advance for the TMI, but that's just how I roll).

12am Sunday-tummy not happy. Mentally hope it's just my paranoia b/c Jason's sister (who was staying with us) had the stomach flu. Fall asleep on couch to the sounds of Super Mario Galaxy.

3am Sunday-wake up on couch. Tummy STILL unhappy. Trudge up to bed, and lay there trying to will it away.

330am-Nope. No dice. Go throw up. Take pillow and Starlight (my 23 year old stuffed horse) to the family room, plop on the loveseat, and turn on the NCIS marathon that was going on USA.

7am-after laying on the couch in misery for 3 1/2 hours, go puke again. Followed by some disgusting stuff coming from the other end.

730, 8am, 830, 9am, 930, 10am-more of the same. Misery ensues. Stomach settles down, the other part doesn't follow suit until 1pm or so.

10am on-lay in misery on the couch. Let Jason wait on me hand and foot until he leaves for work at 4. Lay in more misery, but fend for myself. Watch House marathon on USA all day, and remind myself that I could be much sicker, and that show is proof.

Today-back to work. Bah! But yay for not puking. I had Wendy's for dinner tonight, and it was FABULOUS. I love food.

Coming pictures!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas christmas time is here...

Time for toys and time for cheer! Thank you, Alvin and the Chipmunks, for the best Christmas song EVER. Things have been pretty laid back this year, thank you baby jesus-dinner with my parents and sister plus my BFF Melissa, her two kids, and her parents at the OG last night, breakfast at J's dad and stepmom's this morning, hanging out with Sara, Molly, and Kramer (J's sisters plus Molly's dog), and now spaghetti and meatballs at my parents. I could get used to this quiet Christmas business...this year, Jason and I's present to each other was our house (this is what happens when you buy a house six weeks before Christmas) so that took some of the stress out of things. Homeownership is great, work (for both of us), and life is fabulous.

So everyone, count your blessings and hug your loved ones! Merry Christmas!

And PS to KT (if you're reading this)-I win, you dirty pirate hooker! (KT bet that I'd be pregnant before Christmas and I most definitely am not. Night of booze, here I come!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This time of year

I love it. Christmas decorations are up, the tree is decorated (and has been since the day after Thanksgiving), candles have our house smelling like a mix of pine tree and cookies, and the Christmas lights are on the house. I feel all warm and fuzzy and shit. It makes me appreciate just how lucky Jason and I are. We have each other, good jobs that allow us to pay our bills, a great house, and family and friends that mean the world to us. All of the petty bullshit just doesn't matter, in the long run.

And on a more lighthearted note-BOTH of my teams are going to BCS bowl games! Yaaaaay for the Buckeyes and the Bearcats! I am slightly bitter about the fact that the Fiesta Bowl is on a Monday night, but hopefully my school will have a snow day the next day so I can drink during the game :P

Two and a half weeks 'til Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Jason got fired. From the restaurant where he's worked for the last 6 1/2 years, where I worked from 2000-2006, and where we met. Don't freak out yet.

Backstory-J has been increasingly unhappy and disillusioned with his job and the company he works for over the last couple of years. The fact that the restaurant was bought out by another restaurant chain, which then implemented some policies and made some changes that are obviously about penny pinching and not about taking care of employees, just made it worse. He voiced his concerns/irritations, to no avail. So after much hemming and hawing, he picked up another restaurant job, serving at a local place with a similar concept to job #1, but with way higher customer volume and better food. (Note-I'm not saying the food at job #1 is bad, I still like it and both J and I will continue to eat there...but the food at the other place IS better.) Jason started training at this job a couple of weeks ago, shortly after we moved into the house. In between house stuff and training, he was scheduled for a bar shift at job #1 and didn't see it on the schedule. Luckily, it was a first out shift and from what I understand he was basically admonished "don't do it again." Well, he did it again. We were at the Browns game on Sunday (Go Colts!) when he got a voicemail from one of the managers saying he was scheduled to bartend that morning. Mind you, we were two hours away. So, there wasn't anything he could do. He went in on Monday, talked to the managers, and that was that. I have to say that they were all really cool about it, and I think that made it a lot easier for Jason (and I, for that matter-I've worked with two of the managers and have known one of those two for longer than I've known Jason) to swallow. Really, he's been unhappy there for a long time now, and they knew it.

So that's that. The only thing that's keeping us from freaking out is that he does have this other serving job, at which he will be picking up some evening shifts. And working on picking up another second job. I do have to say, it was nice having him home to watch Heroes with me last night...the guy has closed every Monday night for the last two years. Overall, we're still in decent shape financially-it's not like we're going to be out blowing money, but we won't be living on ramen noodles either.

On a happier note, our Christmas tree is up! I haven't put up the other decorations yet, but the tree's up. It makes my heart happy to pull up to our house and see the tree lit up in the living room window :) We actually didn't put it up on Thanksgiving this year (we got back from the Turkey Trot late) but on the day after.

I canNOT belive Christmas is in less than a MONTH. INSANE. I love this time of year, but damn did it sneak up on me.