Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movin' on up...

...because I am good and fed up with Blogger and my inability to post from home. So come visit me at !

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's on like Donkey Kong

I have declared war...on my waistline. Specifically, the extra 10 lbs that has taken up residence there since late winter/early spring. I've made a halfhearted effort this summer to do something about it, but this weekend I had a moment of clarity...not surprisingly, it was right around the time I realized that I only have two pairs of jeans and one pair of (non workout) shorts that fit comfortably and that's not okay. So, this means:

-no fried food. I'm taking this on a week by week basis. Okay, day by day. Yesterday (aka Day 1) was okay...I even resisted the loaded fries (think cheese, bacon, and green onions...with ranch dressing) at the bar we went to for a friend's birthday, which is huge.

-running or gym 5-7 times/week for at least 30 mins/day. And at least some sort of lifting 2-3x/week.

-only one serving of cheese/day. ONE.

-Ice cream 1x/week. Maybe twice.

Now of course, concessions will be made for special occasions and stuff like that. But overall, something has got to give, before my pants give. Out.

So I think you can tell how the eating better part of my life has been going...not great. Thankfully, running/workout part has been going a lot better even with the heat (which I am still praying breaks soon). I'm pacing a half marathon the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, so all my weather powering juju is going towards that morning (for the race) and afternoon (for Katie's wedding). Thankfully the temps are supposed to cool off a little bit this week/weekend so maybe we'll catch a break for a few days.

Is it naptime yet?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Check baby check baby 1, 2, 3, 4
check baby check baby 1, 2, 3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're havin' a heat waaaaave

...literally. "Real Feel" temps outside are above 100 degrees right now. Seriously?
(before I forget, let me apologize in advance for any formatting issues. Apparently, the "publish post" function on Blogger is not cooperating with my computer, so I end up having to use my Blogger app on my phone to publish, and it likes to take out things like spaces between paragraphs. Fun.)
Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. The heat. Dear lord. You know its bad when its 80 degrees and humid at 6am, which has definitely put a cramp in my running. Yes, I know I can hit the gym...but I don't wanna. Plus, I'm on vacation this week (aka staycation) so that has added an extra degree of death to my motivation. But I'm trying, I swear.
Since my last post, working a/c has returned to my life, and my home. Hallefuckinglujah. There was a small issue with the new a/c unit that almost made me cry but thankfully was easily fixed and since then we've been rocking 72 degree comfort...and its awesome. The return of a/c to our lives had particularly good timing, seeing as we had a bunch of friends and family over this past weekend for our annual wedding anniversary celebration. Yep...three years of holy matrimony. Or unholy unity. Whatever. The point is, three years ago this past Tuesday J and I tied the knot in front of friends and family, with a whole lotta beer waiting for we celebrate our anniversary with friends and family, and a whole lotta beer. Of course, J gave me the eyebrow Saturday morning as I got up super early for my usual run with my running group...but I reminded him that me running=me not turning into a stressed out crazy woman while prepping for the partay. And then the eyebrow went away, and I enjoyed a perfectly nice (but humid) 10.5 mile run.
Oh, running. This has not been easy, with the heat. I try to suck it up, but its not easy. Thankfully, Tuesday's 4 mile run with a friend was super early (like 6am) and we got rained on for the first 10 mins or so which definitely helped cool us off a bit. Hopefully the heat decided to cut us some slack soon, but in the meantime we all get to suffer :$
Oooh, I almost forgot...I won something! A while back, I entered Sam's raffle at , contributed some $$$ to Sam's fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society (and got virtual raffle tickets in the process), and won a book in the process :) I'm pretty excited b/c I never win anything in blog giveaways, so yay for this! I won a copy of Bart Yasso's "My Life on the Run" and its been pretty interesting so far. Bart's run in some really cool places that I will very likely never get to, so its been fun to live vicariously through his stories, in a way.
I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh well. If I remember, I'll post it. Don't melt, everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011

La di doddy, who likes to party?

Apparently we do, if Saturday's antics are any indication. J's BFF got married, and oh boy did we celebrate. Lots of dancing (and drinking) at the reception, and then more drinking the post reception party at a local bar. The evening ended with J and I taking a cab home (only took two tries to find one that would take a credit card, too!), and coming home to....our sweltering house.
Yep. Our air conditioning broke Weds evening. Found out Friday morning that the part that would fix it would be $400...but there's a good chance that another part would break in the next 6 months (the a/c unit is the original one from when the house was built, so its 20+years old). So we're just sucking it up and replacing it. In the meantime, we are spending the majority of our time in the family room (which is half underground since we live in a split level, and is the closest thing we have to a basement) and having slumber parties in there at night. Thankfully the unit is getting replaced as we speak, so barring any major mishaps we should be back in 70 degree recirculated air comfort by tonight. It's about time-neither one of us have slept all that great and the dogs aren't happy either so we're all ready for a good night's sleep again.
So needless to say, yesterday's hangover was not helped by the temperature in our house. Thankfully, one well timed visit by our friends who happened to have a large fruit punch Gatorade (aka my most favorite flavor of Gatorade EVA) in the cooler leftover from the night before did help, as did the "morning after" lunch hosted by the bride's parents at a local Mexican restaurant. Feeding my hangover with quesadillas and guacamole? YES PLEASE. Add in a coule of doses of ibuprofen, some lying around the house, and a trip to the pool and life was good again. I am getting way too old for this crap.
This ridiculous heat and humidity is not helping my running either. I've been better about getting up early (before work) to run but its been so humid that I still have to take it slow for fear of keeling over. I helped lead the 13:11/mile pace group for a local 5k on Saturday, which was interesting since its nowhere near my usual pace (someone dropped out so I was filling in where needed) but was still fun...and then a fellow pacer and I hit a local park for a hilly 3.5 mile run. Which was not fun, not because of the hills but the heat since it was 10am when we got started. Yucko. I'm still hoping to make it to the gym today, but we'll have to see when the a/c guy gets done...J's at work so I'm stuck here until the guy leaves. Thankfully he got here at 815am, so I hopefully will be off house arrest by noon/1pmish.
La di da....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Get up early tomorrow to rock out some speedwork, that is. Don't get me wrong...I know this is what I SHOULD's supposed to be warm tomorrow. And humid. And 8 miles of speedworkin' fun is most certainly NOT fun when its hot and humid.
But doing 8 miles of speedworkin' fun when its NOT hot and humid means getting up early to do it outside (or at the gym, when its less crowded)...and I like my bed. It's comfy, warm, and always has at least one dog snuggled up against my legs and/or laying on my feet. Plus, I don't think my phone alarm is obnoxious enough, because I keep sleeping through it.
Tomorrow, however, I must get up and git 'er duuuuuuun. Especially since I inhaled three large pieces of deep dish pizza for dinner tonight. Mmmmm, pizza. So I will report back tomorrow and inform the blog world whether I actually got outta bed or not. If you're lucky, I may remember to tell you all what I thought of the compression socks and headband that came in the mail last week...hopefully the rest of my stuff comes soon, because me and patience do not go well together. Just ask my husband :P