Sunday, May 31, 2009


Busy busy weekend...

Friday, went to Costco with my BFF Melissa and her kids, then tried to figure out how to get some pics from Melissa's ancient computer onto a USB drive (with no success)

Yesterday, went running, hit up Value City Furniture and Anderson's with Melissa (sans kids, courtesy of her parents' very generous offer to watch the kids all day), went over to a friend's parents' house for a cookout (also with Melissa, after her mom encouraged her to hang out longer :D), then to the Filling Station to watch the Cavs lose

Today, gym, hanging out with the dog (who has the runs, courtesy of gorging herself on Kibbles and Bits while we were at the cookout last night-it's what their dogs eat), finished my progress reports, and am heading over to my parents' for dinner in a bit. So like I said, whee!

We are hopefully creeping a little closer to deciding on living room furniture...and getting the backyard fenced in...and all the other little stuff we need to do around here. None of which will be getting done next weekend, since we are going out of town with friends for a much needed minivacation. I can.not. wait...we need a break! Georgie will be going to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend, and will likely be even more spoiled than she already is :D

Man, is it REALLY Sunday already?!

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Andrea said...

Because your letters are awesome,

I nominate your for a Sisterhood award

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