Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maybe, just maybe...

I don't have a black thumb after all! Meaning I haven't killed any of the above flowers yet (even though I really haven't touched the roses, those were there before we moved in).

Plus, I got to wield the electric hedge trimmers and tone down the bushes that line our deck.

And played in the yard with Miss Georgie.
I also bought a new vaccuum and tested it out by sucking up all the dog hair I could, picked up pruning shears and a sprayer for plant food, washed all the bed linens and towels (the dog is now currently leaving more hair on the bed by napping on my pillow, darn her), pruned the dead parts off the rosebushes and played with the dog some more, and am in the process of doing more laundry. All in all, a productive day. And I still have a speech eval and IEP to write up for school on Tuesday. Yeeha!
Check back soon for an account of Mulch Monday.

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