Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm bad.

Really, really bad. I am a horrible blog mommy, please forgive me :D Here's the recap of the last few weeks...the (semi) short version, at least.

The Pig-went great! I emerged free of major injuries, which was my main goal, and finished in 2:01:02. My very lofty time goal was 2 hours flat, so I'm really happy with my time. The funny part is that my sisters did this same 1/2 marathon 2 years ago, and both finished in 2:01:01. If only I'd hauled ass a little more!

Georgie-is the greatest dog ever. She is currently sleeping in our bed at night and not in the crate...turns out she's a little bit of a bed hog, but no worse than Jason :D Speaking of J, he thinks she's ready to leave out of the crate when we leave the house, but I just don't know if she's ready yet. She still hasn't had any accidents in the house or chewed up any of our stuff (except for bits of mulch and sticks off the bushes), so that's a good sign. She has also gotten over her fear of very large dogs and doesn't growl at them anymore unless they're playing, so that's GREAT. Hooray social skills! We are having a fabulous time spoiling her rotten.

House-also great. I got some impatiens and gazanias planted a couple of weeks ago, and have impatiens and a little herb garden in hanging baskets off the deck...and they're not dead yet! We DO need to mulch...meaning Jason needs to call Mr. Mulch to see about getting some delivered. Plus, we have quite the laundry list of stuff that NEEDS to get done ASAP-getting fencing estimates and fencing in the back yard, putting another railing on the deck steps (there's only a railing on one side, and there needs to be one on each side), powerwashing and staining the deck, putting in paver stones for the fire pit, and buying patio furniture. First and foremost, though...WE NEED LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. Why the urgency, you ask? Well, some people decide to celebrate their first anniversary with a nice quiet dinner or weekend away with their spouse. Not us. We figure, what better way to celebrate an amazing day topped off with an equally amazing party by...having another party! So, in the event that we can get the house party ready in two months, we will be having a housewarming/first anniversary/for shits and giggles celebration. That's IF we get all this done. I think this weekend is going to be "tough love talk" time with the hubby...with us working opposite schedules (he's usually off Mon/Tue/Wed, and I'm off Fri/Sat/Sun), we NEED to have a game plan.

So...let the fun begin!

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