Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am...

the Queen of No Willpower. How do I "celebrate" a rest day off from running/the gym? With a Spicy Chicken sandwich and small fries from Wendy's, of course! And it was damn good, too :D

This rain needs to stop...otherwise, my running shoes won't see the light of day until Friday, if they're lucky.

Mulch Monday=great success. I got 7 of 9 bags spread while Jason cut the grass, he put out one bag while I admired the coating of mulch dust+sunscreen covering my limbs, and took care of the last one plus the four bags of pine chips we got to go under the top part of the deck today. Pictures to follow, when I get around to taking them. What I SHOULD have taken a picture of is the hot mess that I was following the fun of Mulch Monday. When I say "coating of mulch dust+sunscreen", I mean COATING. Talk about disgusting. I swear, nothing makes you appreciate a shower like being stickyyuckydirtygross.

Once we got clean, we took Georgie to the toy store (aka Pet People) to get some new bones and food, stopped at Rita's on the way back, and ended up cooking out with our friends Chad and Bev. Mmmm, food. And yes, we got Rita's BEFORE dinner, because that's just how we roll.

Now, a funny from school today, courtesy of one of my third grade girls...

A: "Guess what, Mrs. S?"
Me: "What?"
A. "I'm wearing a BRA!" (mind you, I see no problem with third graders wearing bras if they actually need them...this particular third grader does not.)
Me: "Oh, really? That's cool."
A: "Yep, me and my mom went bra shopping this weekend...I'm going to be JUST LIKE Hannah Montana!"
Me: "Sweetie, that's great...but your dad isn't Billy Ray Cyrus." (Someone has to be the realist here.)
A: "No, he's not. He can't sing at ALL. D'you think he'd grow his hair like Hannah's dad? Wait, never mind...I don't think he has enough hair for that."

Believe it or not, I'm really going to miss these kids :D

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