Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update, a la SNL

House-closed on Thursday. YAY! We will hopefully get possession sometime next weekend, but should know more tomorrow.

Weekend-Oy, am I tired. We tailgated all day yesterday (and by "all day", I mean we got to campus shortly before noon) and went to the game last was great fun, even though we lost. And some asshole snuck into our row, and since Jason was on the end, he either got six inches of bleacher to sit on and no one in his lap, or an actual seat to sit on but me in his lap. I wanted to check tickets, find out who was in our row that wasn't supposed to be, and kick them in the balls. Fuckers. THEN, we get back to the tailgate and find out that everyone is SHITFACED. Doug wants to go to a bar but can't drive, Jeff is slurring his words and about to get his ass kicked by the people at the tailgate next to us (we don't know why, nor does Jeff), and NO ONE except for me is of any condition to drive. Not that it mattered because traffic was backed up in the parking lot for a good half an hour. Eventually, I pack four drunk guys in my car, and home we go. I have never been so glad to see my apartment.

And, I hate packing. HATE HATE HATE.

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