Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updates all around

House: Thursday should be go time for closing. Our loan guy emailed me last night and told me to plan for a Thursday close, and he wouldn't tell me that unless he was confident that it'd happen. Good thing too, because Jason, Colleen (our realtor), our house's sellers, their agent, and I are all extremely frustrated and ready to go postal on the bank. So we should get possession roughly next Thursday (Oct. 30th), which will work out nicely considering Ohio State has a bye week that weekend and we won't have to schedule any moving we do that weekend around football. Any subsequent Saturday moving will be affected, but meh.

My immune system: hates me. I definitely have contracted the dreaded disease known as...KIDDIE CRUD. I have a man voice, it hurts to cough, and my nose is yucky. I had to use my t-shirt as a handkerchief when I was running with my sister this morning, and I HATE that. It's so yucky. But hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Is anyone else ready for this damn election to be over? I am so sick of these goddamn ads. Plus, Sarah Palin makes me want to throw something through the TV...and Jason just might divorce me over that.

Yesterday, I babysat for the two cutest kids ever-our godchildren, Chase and Kayla. They are 6 (okay, almost six...I get corrected for that regularly) and 4...I adore them, but oh my lord was I exhausted. And that was with them actually behaving! I may not have kids until I'm 35.

And last but not least...YAAAAAAY that Ohio State isn't SUCKING against Michigan State! Finally, they start playing like a team with an offense!

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