Monday, September 1, 2008

Shhh, I've got a secret....

No, I'm not pregnant. Fuck you for thinking that. We put down an offer on another house yesterday. I call it a secret because we're keeping this tidbit to ourselves for now-we are too well versed in the experience of telling everyone and their mother that we put in an offer on a house, only to have the sellers accept another offer, etc. We're trying to not get our hopes up, but it's hard not to. I just wish our realtor would call-we sent the offer yesterday afternoon, so hopefully we'll hear soon.

Alli and I did a 5k in Worthington Hills today. Our times were good and my knee and ankle behaved, so woohoo! We did have a chuckle at this dude that was hellbent and determined to stay in front of us for the whole race...because he threw up immediately after the race. Take that, douchebag!

Now that McCain has named a running mate...boy, are the next couple of months going to be fun. He'd better back off on the ads knocking Obama for lack of experience, seeing as Palin has less experience that he does-two years as state governor, and no experience at the national level. Plus, I think that hailing Palin as a "hero" for not having an abortion after she found out her child would be born with Down syndrome is NOT a wise idea-thousands of women make the same decision every week. What makes her (Palin) a hero? Not that. No more than any other woman in the same situation. And I'm not even going to touch the rumors that the baby is in fact her 16 year old daughter's, or the reports that Palin's water supposedly broke in Texas, a month before her due date, and that she FLEW BACK TO ALASKA anyway. If, in fact, she was actually pregnant, having her water break that early when she KNEW she was having a child who would be born with special needs was utterly stupid and irresponsible. But I digress.

I do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow. Having six days off has made me spoiled. Spending a few days at the lake with the Munteans and the rest of the gang was much needed, though...and then there's always football games :) Hooray football!

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Unknown said...

lori, i love you and jason, but please dont get pregnant soon. i cant deal with another awesome friend turned sober/preggers/responsible :-p