Friday, September 19, 2008

Success! (we think)

We had the house inspection today, and it went well. Far better than the one on the LAST house did. The only glaring issue is the fact that the stove (which is the original from when the house was built 20 years ago) has a small gas leak and a broken knob. So the sellers are either going to have to replace it or drop the selling price a grand or so. We'll see what happens. The other stuff we want them to fix should be fairly easy, plus there's a fair amount of stuff that we're willing to do. The stove is the main sticking point, and I don't see it being a make or break issue.

Holy hell, wind storms! We were lucky, we didn't lose power at all. A couple of power flickers on Sunday, and that was it. The clinic had power on Monday (boo!) but school was closed on Tuesday (yay!), so I got some paperwork done (double yay!) and rolled into the clinic at 1pm. Then it was back to school as usual on Weds. (boo!) Our apt lost a couple of shingles, but our new house didn't sustain any damage, and THAT'S the important thing.

We are going to the OSU game this weekend. AGAIN. Am I a bad Buckeye fan when I say that I really don't want to go tomorrow, and the only reason I am is b/c Jason's friend couldn't get off work? I have a to-do list a mile long, and had a grand plan to get SO much stuff done while Jason and Jon were at the game...and now, I can't do any of it. Bah. I know, I should be grateful we have the abundance of opportunities that we do this season...but it's so exhausting.

Now, off to bed. After I decide what I'm wearing tomorrow, that is. Hey, just because I'm not 100% thrilled to go to the game doesn't mean I'm just going to throw an outfit together. WhoTF do you think I am?

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