Sunday, August 24, 2008

So here we are...

It's the end of August already. Are you fucking kidding me? Where on earth did this summer go? I guess this was a more eventful summer than usual, what with the wedding and all, but damn.

On the upside, we head up to Huron for a much needed 3 day stay at Steve's aunt's cabin on Lake Erie with the gang. Since I already had Friday off (yay for 4 day work weeks), and the clinic is closed for Labor Day next Monday, taking Weds and Thurs off means that I have a 6 day vacation! Wheeee!!!!

Plus, the first OSU football game is next weekend, which is always fun. We may or may not be able to get our hands on tickets, but if we don't we'll still have to find somewhere to watch the game. Stupid Big Ten Network. We do have tickets to the OSU v. OU game Sept. 6th, as does my sister Alli (yay for alumni lott.ery working out in our favor!). It'll be her first football game, and she's really pumped. Of course, so are we.

My very good friend's wedding was this weekend, in Dayton. I have been looking forward to this forever, as she's my only Hindu friend and therefore this was going to likely be Jason and I's only opportunity to go to a Hindu wedding.

And THEN Jason gets a cold. Specifically, the cold I had a week ago, but he was just a little sicker than I was. Really, just a little. Or maybe he's more of a wuss, I don't know. Either way, after much fighting yesterday and much crying on my part, we compromised. We went to the ceremony, and not the reception. I am still mildly salty about this, but what can you do? The ceremony was amazingly beautiful, though. SO cool.

Gah. A month ago we were still on our honeymoon, living it up in Yellowstone. Boo. I want to be back on vacation :(

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