Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holy crap, is that...

SUNSHINE?! No, it can't be!

Oh but it is, my friends. The SUN has returrrrrrrrrrrrrrrned to Central Ohio! (Five packets of GU will be in the mail to you if you can tell me who I'm imitating with that last line-if no one guesses I'll tell you the next time I post. I got a free case of the stuff for signing up for a full year of my training group before a certain date and am looking to unload some of it-there's a variety of flavors too, I'll let you pick :D)

Now, back to matters at hand. The sun. You see, Central Ohio has seen pretty much nothing but rain rain rain for the last week. Oh, and some snow Thursday night/Friday morning that thankfully didn't stick to the roads and was totally melted by the time I left work last night. So you can imagine how happy I was when I got up this AM (later than planned, more on that in a sec) to sunshine and reasonable temps! And by reasonable, I mean "ran five miles comfortably in a short sleeved top and shorts" reasonable. Why only five, you ask? No, not a cutback week...I signed up for a 4 mile St. Patrick's Day race near my house that's going on this evening, so I did 5 miles this morning instead of my planned 9. This way I'll still have 9 for the day, just not at once...which thankfully will not mess with my training at this point.

So yeah, I overslept this morning. Meaning I missed Bart Yasso's talk (which I believe I posted about in my last post, if I didn't...he gave a talk at Ohio State today) and my group run. Again. And am missing my group run next week thanks to a conference I'm going to Thursday/Friday/Saturday. It's in Columbus which is good, but starts at like 8am. So no running group for me next weekend. If I had to oversleep any Saturday, though, this was a good one to do it since I was only planning on running 5 miles this morning. I do runs of that length from my house all the time, and have an out and back route that I know extremely well. If I'd had 9 miles planned...I would not be as "meh" about oversleeping. I guess my body was trying to tell me something.

Speaking of my's falling apart, I swear. First, shin splints/sore right calf. Neither of which have gotten worse, but aren't feeling great either. With ice, stretching/foam rolling, and ibuprofen, though, they're manageable. Now, my lower back is bugging me. Kind of like it does when I'm sitting in the car for more than 2 hours at a time, or sit in a movie theater seat for a really long movie. I kind of forget about the pain until I go to stand up from whatever chair I'm sitting in, and then it hits me. This came up suddenly last Saturday morning, so I figure I must have twisted something in my sleep. I'm trying to gently stretch it when I can because that actually makes things feel better, and crossing my fingers that it goes away. On the upside, it doesn't hurt when I run. Because there's gotta be an upside, right?

Let's see, what else is going on? Oooh I know....MARCH MADNESS! I get excited about this no matter if Ohio State's got a chance or not, and they might actually have a decent chance this year. Depending on who's in their bracket and how they play, that is. Either way, this is a fun time in our house...lots of obsessing over brackets, smacktalking, and beer drinking. Speaking of which-when J realized that I was going to be at my conference all day next Friday while he's off work to watch lots of basketball, the first words out of his mouth were "Oh boy, I'm gonna be so drunk when you get home." Nice. I may run home at lunch that day, pick him up, and drop him off at a sports bar near where my conference is (a huge shopping/dining area in Columbus, so there will be plenty of options) otherwise he could be in rough shape by the time I get home. Lord, give me strength...

So, that's what's going on in my world. Happy Springtime (and hooray for the impending return of Daylight Savings Time, and my ability to run after work!)

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