Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy first day of spring!

...especially since the first day of spring=free regular ice day at Rita's! Needless to say, stopping by there on my way home from the store was a must. They didn't have my favorite (Sugar free cherry) but did have my second favorite (SF Tangerine, which tastes like an orange popsicle) so I'll take what I can get :)

We've been rocking some seriously nice weather in Columbus lately. A few rain sprinkles on Friday but other than that its been gorgeous since at least...Wednesday? Unfortunately, I spent a solid 8ish hours Thursday/Friday/Saturday at a speech/language conference here in town...but I still got in a couple of decent runs (Thursday and Saturday) and a fab spin class (Thurs AM) so I can't complain. Plus, the conference was located at a big shopping/dining complex here in town, and I got to have lunch/dinners with some good friends from work and a couple of old friends from grad school so between all that and the fact that I'm good to go on continuing ed hours for the year, it's all good.

I got the chance to try out a couple of awesome restaurants while I was at this conference. Thursday's lunch with my dad was at Bon Vie, which is a French-style restaurant. I'm a sucker for seared ahi tuna, so their appetizer containing such yumminess was right up my alley. On Friday, some coworkers and I ended up at Northstar Cafe, a local chain that emphasizes organic ingredients and serves sodas with pure cane sugar (as opposed to high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetners)-their tomato and cheese flatbread (aka cheese pizza) was fantastic, as was what my coworkers had. Aaaaaand dinner on Friday with two good friends from grad school was at Restaurant Hama, a Japanese restaurant I didn't even know existed until J & L pointed it out to me. Wine+edamame+four different types of sushi rolls (plus one that I took home to the hubs)+raspberry marscapone for dessert=perfect end to the evening.

I did miss another group run with my training group Saturday morning, making it three in a row I've missed...but thankfully this was a dropback week for me (meaning I only had to run 4 miles instead of 9 like last week/next week) so not a huge deal. My shin/calf are starting to feel better-still a little twingy for the first mile or so of a run but will usually stop after that. I hope this keeps up, I've got less than 2 months 'til go time!

Now, time to kick it with some beers and watch Ohio State continue to beat up on George Mason...Go Bucks!

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Unknown said...

How did I not know that the first day of spring is free rita's day? Dang it!