Sunday, March 28, 2010

OMG you guysssss

My stomach=full. From brunch. At 12:15. And it's 5:11pm. I'm still full. D'you think I ate too much? :D

We had brunch with my coworker and her hubby today at a place over by their house, about 20 mins from us. The restaurant had an enormous buffet, plus a dessert table one can only dream about. So needless to say, we all packed it in...hardcore. I really need to take the dog on a walk, but am having trouble motivating myself to get off the couch for more than 3 minutes at a time. So we'll see how THAT goes. At least I went to the gym this morning, right? RIGHT?!

Speaking of brunch, we discovered the greatest word ever today. TRANWRECK. No, I did not misspell "trainwreck". Let me explain.

The four of us are sitting there, minding our own business and eating our breakfast, when we all see something out of the corner of our collective eyes. A person walking towards the buffet, who we decided were 100% certain was a person who may have been born a male but was choosing to live their life as a female. No big deal, right? In our eyes, no. Here was the issue...said individual was strutting through the restaurant in four inch heels, a pair of jeans that were easily two sizes too small and just looked uncomfortable, and a top that was 1. too tight and 2. too short. Hoooo buddy.

Now, we were by no means at a fancy restaurant. There was a mix of people who had just come from church (dressed nicely) and people who hadn't (like J and I-in clothes that fit and were appropriate for going out in public on a Sunday). But this getup caught EVERYONE'S attention...including the lady and her preteen daughter next to us. Said daughter was heard to comment to her mom "Mom, that lady's outfit is just all wrong. She looks like a trainwreck." And her mom's response was "No, honey, that's a tranwreck." Resulting in the four of us doing a HORRIBLE job at not laughing. (Mind you, said wreck was in no way near eye/earshot when this exchange was occurring. We may notice inappropriate clothing, but we're not assholes.)

The moral of the story? If you have found that you were meant to live your life as a member of the gender that is NOT necessarily the one you were born with, that's totally cool. Do what makes you happy. Buuuuuut-please, oh please, pretty please dress appropriate for the occasion. By not doing so, you only call negative attention to yourself. (NOTE: this goes for those of us who do live our lives as members of the gender which we were as, too. Call it a general rule of thumb, regardless of your situation).

Regardless, I will remember the word "tranwreck" forever. Thank you, random woman at brunch.

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