Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching up...

It's been almost a month...oops. I be a bad blogger. Oh well. On with the updates-

Oh, wait, there's not a ton to update on. Race training is going better-taking a week off from running really helped my right quad pain. It's still there, but hasn't hampered my running at all...I mean, I had a shittastic long run (9 miles) this past Sunday, but that was due more to general burnout than pain. Thankfully, I have a well placed cutback week going on this week and am working on getting out of this rut that I've been in. Hopefully some changes in running scenery will do the trick...and some new shoes. I may switch brands, but haven't made up my mind yet-it could do more harm than good which is NOT something I want happening a month before the race. So we'll see.

Unfortunately, the weight loss piece (as in, the 10 lbs I put on after my half in October) is not coming along as well as I'd like it to...and it's all my own fault. Me and my love for crappy food :p I'm starting an "Oh shit, one month 'til my race!" diet crackdown-meaning no crappy food aside from a cheat meal 1x/week and NOT the day before tempo/speedwork or long runs. This may help me bust out of this running funk, least I hope so. I'm planning on incorporating some reviews of or recipes for healthier foods into this blog...keep an eye out!

Speaking of healthier eating, it's official-Spring is FINALLY here! This means flip flops, and capri pants, and Georgie laying in her favorite sunning spots in the backyard, and for the first time ever...planting a VEGETABLE GARDEN! Last year, we didn't get the backyard fenced in until it was too late in the planting season to really have any success with a veggie garden so we decided to hold off until next year. Well, next year is HERE :) So far, we're thinking heirloom and/or roma tomatoes, red peppers, butternut squash, jalapenos, spinach, strawberries, basil, and cilantro. The last two will probably be in pots, and J wants to put the tomatoes in hanging planters. Maybe, just maybe, my black thumb is gone for good? Let's hope so! We're hoping to make the garden as organic as possible-environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilizers, I'll be crossing my fingers that everything grows well. If not, I'll just have more stuff to pick up at the farmers markets (that start in May, woohoo!). We've been slowly incorporating more organic and/or local food into our diets-for now, mostly produce and milk. We'd love to do more, but it's just not in the budget. Meaning, that shit's expensive :p And since we don't live in an area that has farmers markets year round, we've got to pick our proverbial battles.

Between that and all the other fun landscaping projects we're got plotted for this summer (on top of the projects INSIDE the house that we haven't gotten started yet)'s going to be a busy spring/summer/fall. All I have to say is, bring it onnnnnnnn!

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Katie said...

Didja ever get new shoes?

And we're doing a garden too. I hope it's not a huge failure; I've invested at least $40 in supplies so far. Way more than it would cost me to buy all this stuff at the store.

We're (I'm) planting basil, Roma tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, green beans, spinach, and lettuce. Kinda ambitious for my first attempt.