Saturday, February 27, 2010

Injuries suck.

(Brace yourself for some whining. A lot of it. Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.)

I have an owie :( It's a fairly minor owie in the grand scheme of things-pain in my right quad that might be coming from the quad muscle itself and might be coming from the bone, I don't know yet. Its not a severe pain, and doesn't make me limp or anything, but it's a nagging pain that I'd like to get nipped in the bud now, before I get further into my training program and closer to my race on April 24th. I had a lengthy talk with my sister, who's an athletic trainer, and she suggested some rest, stretching before and after runs, actually doing some strength training (which I haven't been), and making sure to ice after each run. This week was slated to be an easy mileage week, so taking a break from running isn't going to completely screw my training. Hopefully this stupid pain goes away soon, and I can get back to business :D

Speaking of training, Mother Nature needs to cut the crap. No.more.snow. I hate running on the treadmill with a passion, and dislike running on the track at the gym only slightly less. But running on slushly, yucky snow isn't exactly good for my balance and lord only knows I have a habit of falling and hurting myself while running.

In the meantime, I'm trying to be really good about doing my crosstraining and taking it easy. Eating healthy has been going a little better, but there's nothing like cold crappy weather to make you want to sit on your butt and eat all day. We've been talking about what kind of veggies and fruits we want to plant in our garden this spring/summer, which is strangely motivating. So far, we're thinking heirloom tomatoes (in those hanging planter things, if Jason gets his way), red peppers, cucumbers, butternut squash, potentially strawberries, and basil and cilantro in planters. Maybe a couple more, but we'll see. We're hoping to find a couple of good organic bugkillers and fertilizers if possible-we try to eat organic produce as often as possible but it's not exactly easy on the budget. If we could be successful at growing our own, that'd be awesome.

So those are the latest goings on in a nutshell...hopefully this pain decides to give it a rest and I can get back to training hard!

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Katie said...

Let me know if you find any good info on gardening in Ohio. I'm not sure yet what to plant but I need to decide soon!