Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm a lazy blogger, aren't I?

Yeah, pretty much. We've gotten a fair amount of snow in Columbus over the last couple of weeks (of course, just as my half marathon training has started), which is really cramping my style. Lots of treadmill running (which I hate) and lots of hanging out at home, which equals snacking. Thanks to my friend Katie, though, I was able to get out for a snowy, slushy 7 mile long run on the streets around Katie's house today. We have a feeling we're both going to be sore tomorrow, but that's okay.

Speaking of sore, I've been having a twingy sort of pain in my right quad after I run. It's not really anything I notice while I'm running, and it doesn't keep me from's just sore afterwards. So I'm keeping an eye on it for now, and hoping to sweet baby Jesus that it doesn't get worse. Other than that, training is going well. I've come to the realization that the paces my training program says I should hit during my speed and tempo work are just a liiiiiiiittle too fast, and once I sucked it up and slowed down by 15-20 sec/mile those runs have gotten a lot more productive. I have another 7 mile long run next Sunday, followed by a cutback week of 4 mile easy on Tuesday, 3 miles easy on Thursday, and another 4 miles easy on Sunday...but the Sunday run is getting pushed up to Saturday since I'm doing a spinning class fundraiser at a local gym for the Livestrong Foundation that Sunday. It's basically either a 2 hour spinning class or 4 hours-I'm doing one of the 2 hour blocks. My sister Alli and I have done this two years in a row, but Alli doesn't feel like being a glutton for punishment with me and that's okay :D

Really, not a lot else has been going on here. Yesterday, Georgie and I visited with Katie and her foster greyhound Roxie at their rescue's meet and greet at a local PetSmart yesterday, and had great fun meeting all the doggies. In addition to the greyhound rescue, there were a couple of other dog rescues plus a cat that equaled lots of doggies for Georgie to meet. She was POOPED! Afterward, Katie and Roxie came over for a little while and Roxie napped while Georgie acted like a crazy girl...she crashed later though :D All in all, it's been a good couple of weeks. I just wish the snow would stop! I know we're in Ohio, but enough is enough damnit.

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