Sunday, November 22, 2009

A recap

of the last month...because I am a lazy, lazy blogger.

-Post 1/2 marathon aftermath: pretty uneventful. The end of Daylight Savings Time has wreaked havoc on my ability to run after work, and since I hatehatehate the treadmill my running has been limited to Thursdays (my day off) and the weekends. Thankfully, Mother Nature has been pretty cooperative, but that's not gonna last long. I need to get over my hatred of the treadmill, though, or my running is going to go to crap this winter, and I don't want that. I did a 5k in Westerville this weekend and finished in 26:15ish which is pretty good considering my recent laziness and the uncooperativeness of my legs, and have the Turkey Trot coming up on no more slacking off! I have found it way too easy to talk myself out of going to the gym lately, and that neeeds to stop.

-Speaking of's on Thursday? This coming Thursday?! Holy crap, where did this year go? Gah, less than a week until we drag out the Christmas decorations for the Stanley Christmas Decorating Bonanza 2009...which equals Jason and I seeing how much decorating we can do in the time between when I get home from the Trot and when we have to start getting cleaned up to go to Uncle Mike and Aunt Shari's for Dinner #1. However, this year we'll have to relocate the loveseat and will also have Georgie underfoot, so it should be interesting. Dinner #2 will be at my parents' house, and includes my parents, their two dogs, Jason, me, our dog, my sister Alli, her boyfriend Joel, Alli's two cats, Jason's mom, AND his two sisters. PARTAY at Mom and Dad's house! It'll be a crazy mix of humans and animals, but a great time nonetheless.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here. Jason's good, Georgie's good, the house is good, work's good, and I have thusfar been successful at dodging any germs that have floated my yay! I will try to be better about updating, but sadly (or maybe thankfully) life just hasn't been that blogworthy lately :P

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