Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pain. I has it.

What were YOU doing at 7:30am on this lovely, cold Sunday morning? Probably sleeping in your nice warm bed, you lucky bastid. Me? I had been up for 2 1/2 hours already and was standing out in the cold with approximately 14,999 of my closest friends, getting ready to start my second half marathon.

Me and my bright ideas, right?

So yeah, I did the half version of the Columbus Marathon today. My sister and her boyfriend did the full. Silly people. It was godawful freaking cold at the start but fairly pleasant once the sun came up. I did a valiant job at keeping pace with my speedy companions, and finished in 1:55:42. My goal was to beat my time from the Pig in May (2:01:02) and I did just that. So hurray! Plus, my parents actually saw me finish, and my ma was able to meet me after I got out of the food line (hooray for Krispy Kremes, Rice Krispy treats, and potato chips) and give me my nice warm postrace clothes. We then wandered around until we found my dad, and proceeded to Rise and Dine for breakfast and warm beverages. Lucky for us, we had plenty of time to eat and make our way back toward the finish to catch Alli and Joel. Al had to make a pee stop, and poor Joel was having leg cramp issues (it was his first full marathon) so their pace had slowed a bit but they both did great.

My mom took a lovely picture of me running by on my way to the finish. I look like a gazelle. But, my camera is upstairs. And I don't think I'll get off the couch for the rest of the night. So that picture will just have to wait.

Please think of me tomorrow, as I painfully shuffle through seeing a full day's worth of kids. If my productivity hadn't been SUCKING lately (damn you, flu season) I'd pray for cancellations. But bad productivity=needing kids to show up, no matter how much pain I'm in. At least I'll have the ibuprofen that my sweet husband is currently picking up for me. Hooray anti-inflammatories!

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