Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three weeks...

'til my next half marathon...eep! When I did the Flying Pig 1/2 in May, it seemed like training stretched out forever...not that it dragged, just that it was nice and stretched out. And today I realized I only have three more long runs left until the race! Craziness I tell you. One of those long runs was supposed to be today, but Mother Nature decided to be uncooperative so I'm running tomorrow.

Otherwise, life is good here. House is good, new job is good, married life is good. I wish I had something to rant and rave about, but right now, I don't. So here are some Georgie pics instead...

"Mom, why can't I drive?"

I love my yard!

Not as much as I love chewing on my monkey though!

Football, schmootball...I'll just nap on Mom's feet instead!

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