Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday...aka a few of my favorite things

This post was inspired by a post with a similar title from my friend Andrea at This Year's Love. Said title got me thinking about things/people/places I am particularly fond of right now, and why. Plus, Thursdays are usually Thankful Thursdays on a message board I frequent. And I'm killing time before I get in the shower (yes, I know it's 1:15 on a Thursday. Hooray for days off!). So, in no particular order...

-My hubby. Even though he annoys the crap out of me on a fairly regular basis, he is damn funny and keeps me on my toes. Plus, he loves things like South Park, Supertroopers, and Transformers as much as I do, and will watch them with me anytime. Even though we just watched it the night before. Oh yeah, and he's cute.

-My dog. We do NOT know what we did before Georgie found her way into our lives, and it's only been five months. She is the greatest little snugglebug ever, and loves everyone and everything that she meets.

-My family. They're a little nuts, but whose family isn't? In the end, they stick by you no matter what...even if they think you've lost your mind and are rolling their eyes at you when you're not looking.

-My/our friends. I say "our" because Jason and I have amassed quite the amazing group of mutual friends, thanks to our time served at Champps. Between our mutual friends and the friends we had BEFORE there was a Lori and Jason (believe it or not, there was such a time), we have the most amazing group of friends ever. They are endlessly loyal, and will stop to help each other out in a heartbeat.

-My house. Even though the light fixtures are outdated, the previous owners obviously loved yellow paint a LOT, and the downstairs bathroom needs to be remodeled something fierce, it's the perfect house for us. And after 7 months and 90+ houses of searching, we BETTER have found our perfect house.

-My job. Not just because I get to help kids, but because I don't have the same slightly insane productivity requirements that I had at my old job, I don't have to deal with a school contract in addition to clinic stuff, and the computers are a LOT faster :P

-Having Thursdays off. I had Fridays off for two years, and thought life couldn't get any better than that, but after two weeks of having Thursday off I have seen the error of my ways. I get far more done...when I'm not slacking like I am now.

-FOOTBALL SEASON! Now, by January I will be so sick of football it won't even be funny, but for now I'm pumped. Nothing says fall to me like the start of OSU football season.

-The end of summer/start of fall. I get to drag out my fall decorations, pumpkin scented candles, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin anything. Plus, the weather is GLORIOUS.

-Farmer's markets. I always end up spending all the money I allotted myself, but end up with all kinds of goodies. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to buy more organic and/or locally grown stuff, which we're trying really hard to do more of. And it's so much cheaper than organic food at the grocery.

I could go on all day, but that's the stuff I'm particularly loving/thankful for right this second. We all need to remember to stop and think about this stuff from time to time...puts things in perspective.


ALin said...

#1. Thanks for the shout-out Mama!

#2. Love the new layout! Super chic!

#3. I love all of your "thankfuls". We're both pretty lucky ladies ;-)

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Yes fall is my favorite along with fall pumpkin candles.