Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Helloooo, August!

Or should I say, goodbye August? Because it's the 18th already, holy crap!

What's new with me? Let's see here...
-I started my new job yesterday, working for a local children's hospital at a couple of their close to home/satellite centers. What does this mean, you ask? Not a lot...I'm still making kids talk for a living. But now, I have my own office, get to do allllll my paperwork online, and I GET TO WEAR SCRUB PANTS AGAIN! Trust me, after over a year of wearing scrubs followed by almost two years of NOT being allowed to wear them, this is a big deal.

-Laura and Eric get married on Saturday...yay!!! I went up to Put in Bay with the girls for Laura's bach party a couple of weekends ago, and definitely left part of my liver on the island. And that's okay. I found a fabulous dress (white with a black/gray leaf pattern) at Macy's on Sunday that will go fabulously with my bright blue wedding shoes and purse...SO excited to get to use them again!

-Saturday wedding (and staying at a hotel) mean that Georgie gets to stay with my parents Sat night/Sunday AM. THIS, in turn, means that Jason and I are babysitting my parents' dogs Max (85 lbs of mellow golden retriever/lab mix) and Molly (70 lbs of NOT mellow golden retriever) next weekend. These two + Georgie = almost 200 lbs of dog in my house. Whoooo needs a dog fix?

-Not much longer until football season, yay! Granted, by New Year's I'll be sick of it, but right now I can't wait. Especially since Jason and I got USC tickets, thanks to his awesome grandpa...I can't wait!

So...that's about it. Off to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow...scrub pants perhaps?

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