Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's been a while...

And I've been lazy. So yeah, in short...

Wedding=AWESOME. Despite the godawful heat, it was an amazing day and night. I'll post some pics when I get around to it.

Yellowstone (aka honeymoon)=F'ING AWESOME! Seriously, you must go. SO beautiful. Again, will post of these days.

House=Still looking. We had two look promising last weekend, but one ended up with a raging mold problem and the other went into contract just before we put in our offer. So, the search continues on....

Work=same old, same old. I got word this week that I will, in fact, be contracted out to the same district I was last year. Even though I swore I wasn't going to. At least I'm starting out at the beginning of the year, and not six weeks in the hole. With the elementary buildings consolidated, it should be a lot easier. Once I unpack the speech room, that is. Bah. If anyone wants to cruise out to Licking County with me to unpack, I will love you forever.

Life in general=pretty good. We're getting settled into this whole "married" far, it's a lot like living together, which we've done for the last two years now. Only, my last name is different, we have new stuff (most of which we don't have room for), and we now have a joint checking account (in addition to our own separate accounts). My sisters are good, Mom and Dad are good, and the dogs are good. Yes, they got another one. She's a year old golden retriever and her name is Molly (aka Mollywollymoose, after the drinking game. That, and because she tips the scales at just over 70 lbs...and she's not done growing yet). She and Max adore each other...when they're not trying to take each other's toys away, that is.

Less than a month until we go up to Lake Erie with the gang...yay! Also...less than a month 'til football season kicks off-yeeha! Go Bucks!

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