Thursday, June 16, 2011

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Good thing too, because I feel mine expanding by the minute. Damn you, birthday funfetti cupcakes (my coworker made them for me) sitting on the shelf above my desk. I already ate THREE of you, stop calling to me! Guess who's getting her run on before spin class tonight?

I have been stuffing my face this week and it feels great...though my jeans undoubtedly will not (good thing I wear scrub pants to work, right?). Dinner out Monday, four pieces of deep dish pizza deliciousness for dinner Tuesday, a mostly healthy dinner of fish and "fried" (meaning breaded and baked) artichokes last night but oh so delicious Chipotle for lunch, and so far three yummy funfetti cupcakes down the hatch today. And we haven't even gotten to dinner yet. Or hell, Friday. Thank you baby Jeebus for spin class, and hopefully getting up for an early morning run tomorrow. And 10ish miles of fun with my running group on Saturday. Nothing says "Happy 30th Birthday to meeeee!" like getting up at the crack of dawn to run 10 miles....right? FTR, despite all my sarcasm that is exactly how I'd like to start out the Dirty 30.

Now on the other hand, I am slightly whiny about having to drive to Cincinnati later that day for my cousin's wedding. Okay, more than slightly whiny. It's not an "OMGGGGGGG how dare she have her wedding on my speshul birfdayyyyy" whine, it's an "OMGGGGGG I don't wanna drive to Cinci on my bday, I wanna go out to dinner and let my friends get me drunk instead" whine. But said cousin made the trip from Atlanta to Columbus for my wedding almost three years ago (!!!) and we have no good reason NOT to go (and no, my birthday is not a good enough reason) we're going. And driving back that night instead of spending the $$$ for a hotel and dogsitter because we have FIVE FREAKING WEDDINGS TO GO TO BETWEEN THIS SATURDAY AND OCTOBER. Omfg. I thought we were done with the crazy wedding summers. But no. Bless the tiny infant Jeebus, J is a groomsman in one but we're off the wedding party hook for the rest...that one and another are in town, the other three are not, but we're probably not going to one and if I go to the October one it'll be with my coworkers (since its a girl we work with that's getting married). I had to be the party pooper and say that we are NOT staying in a hotel downtown after the wedding next month (cost+making dog arrangements is a huge PITA), but something tells me after the wedding in question J is going to be drunk and want to go home to his dogs (because that's how he was after the last wedding we went to. Unfortunately, we were in Dayton and had already checked into our room, so I told him no we were NOT driving home piss drunk at 1am and waste a perfectly good hotel room. Instead, he woke me up at 7am and we were in the car headed back to Cbus by 8am. Jerk.)
So that won't be an issue. But still...bachelor/ette parties, tux, wedding gifts, shower gifts, a new dress for moi (because I neeeeeeeeed one...that isn't too tight :$), and at least one cab ride home from downtown? I think I hear my wallet crying.

Back to the state of the size of my butt. Thankfully, I've been good about not slacking and either running or going to the gym almost every day...besides Tuesday, but I was having some funny groin/quad pain and decided it was in my best interests to take that day off. Luckily it was gone by the next morning, just in time for speedwork. Yay. So my butt is not quite as big as it could be, given all the CRAP I've been eating (did I mention the cookout over the weekend, at which our chef friend made the most amazing mac and cheese ever? Of which I ate my weight in? Omfg, Bless you, exercise gods, for keeping my weight in check.

On that note...I think I hear the cupcakes calling to me again. Kidding!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness... you freaking crack me up! I'm sure you haven't gained a pound! :)

And I'm so glad that I have a wedding free summer. Not that I wouldn't love for a friend or two to get married, but all the "stuff" that comes with them is so not fun!

Hope you have a fabulous birthday my dear! Welcome to the 30s - they aren't bad! hehehe

Katie said...

One of those weddings is mine, which barely counts! I hope it's not stressing you out too much. No gifts involved, and none of that other wedding BS. Just come and eat tasty food with us one night (or two), courtesy of our parents :)

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