Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee...

...Ijustspent$125inAmazongiftcardsonrunningandhealthstuff, Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, its official...I survived my 30th birthday with no major mishaps. Had a nice run with my running group (and saw a lovely squished frog on the I didn't do the squishing), went to a local farmer's market and Whole Foods with J, then headed down to my cousin's wedding in Cinci. Had a good time at the wedding and visiting with my sister, her boyfriend, and their dog and cats beforehand, then drove back to Columbus. Where I was greeted with a beeeeeeyouteous quart of sugar free tangerine ice from Rita's in my freezer, courtesy of the wonderful Katie who was nice enough to come over to feed our dogs dinner and let them out for a bit while we were gone. Said quart of tangerine ice is approximately 60% gonzo now :$

My parents and sister were nice enough to gift me with, among other things, the aforementioned Amazon gift certificates. Since I can never let these things sit for long, I spent some quality time on Amazon today and ended up ordering...

-my very own copy of the Omnivore's Dilemma, which despite checking it out from the library twice and incurring hefty overdue fees both times because I can't remember to return things on time to save my life, I have not yet finished. So now I can take my time reading it (even more than I already have) and not worry about more overdue fees.

-CEP compression socks in white. I figure these will come in handy as I attempt to slowly lengthen my weekly long runs to 13+ miles. No, I'm not doing anything silly like training for a marathon...I just figure its time to run 13+ miles more regularly than the two times a year I run a half marathon.

-Body Glide. I've actuallly been lucky and haven't had many chafing issues but as it gets hotter and stickier I know this can potentially be a big issue. And a painful one.

-a new Sweaty Band. Because a girl can never have too many things that keep her hair out of her matter what her husband says.

-a canister of Click Vanilla Latte protein powder...because its yummy.

-a shaker cup for making protein drinks with said protein powder.

-A box of Oskri coconut bars. I hear they're delicious and cracklike, and well I'll eat anything with coconut in it at least once. Okay, almost anything.

The protein powder is on backorder but I'll be stalking the mail for everything else over the next couple of weeks. Yaaaay stuff!

In other news, after a lovely reprieve from oppressive heat and humidity last week, its back with a vengeance. Last week's workouts looked like this:

Monday-lovely, breezy, not too hot 5 mile run. At noon. The fact that the weather was tolerable at that time of day shows how nice it really was.

Tuesday-day off, thanks to a sore right quad. Its the kind of pain that says "time for a new pair of running shoes!". Thankfully, my parents also got me a gift card to do just that for my birthday :)

Wednesday-5 miles of speedwork, in the early morning so it was extra nice out. 1 mile warm up/cool down, and 4x1200m at Lactate Threshold pace. Aka hauling ass.

Thursday-spin class at the gym. Love it.

Friday-impromptu rest day, because SOMEONE slept through her "time to get your ass out of bed and run" alarm.

Saturday- 11.5 muggy, warm miles of fun. You know its muggy when your hair is soaked in sweat after 4 miles. Ew.

Sunday-60 mins on the elliptical, to flush out the junk in my legs. They weren't happy at first but felt much better by the end.

I was planning on running this morning but got up later than I'd planned and it was freaking muggy and off to the gym I went for a couple of easy miles on the track and then spin class. I am currently resisting the urge to eat everything in my house.

So far, 30 ain't so bad...


Unknown said...

Glad you had a great birthday! Everything will start to hurt more now that you are 30. Just warning you! :)

I love that you got compression socks. You will LOVE them and need them in pink. Just wait!

What's your next race?

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