Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

A local forum I post on often has "Ten on Tuesday" posts, where the posters list pretty much the first 10 things that pop into their heads. I'm sitting here killing time and watching DVRed Army Wives b/c J's poker night is going on upstairs, so I decided to have Ten on Tuesday riiiight here. So here goes...

1. I managed to get a good solid 5 mile run in this evening WITHOUT getting rained on! Considering the craptastic rainy weather we've had since about 3am today, this is a miracle.

2. One day shy of two months left in my twenties...yikes!

3. And I'm plotting to ask my mom and dad to get me the new Verizon iPhone for my birthday. Yeah, I'm asking my parents to buy their kid a new cell phone for her birthday. Her 30th birthday. Don't hate, appreciate!

4. J and I NEED to get going on getting the family room painted...real bad. Its depressing, how much I hate the current paint color.

5. On that note, we need to get on getting our veggie garden planted and flowerbed mulching done. Oh, and staining the deck.

6. I'm so excited to get the veggie garden done-buying fresh, organic produce at the store is expensive and growing it myself is way better.

7. And the farmer's markets will be starting up soon, so whatever I don't have the room or expertise to grow myself I can buy at the market. Along with yummy cheese and meat :D

8. We need to get back into the routine of walking the Terrible Twosome every day (or almost every day). We started slacking off this winter, once we realized they didn't HAVE to be walked that often anymore.

9. I need to get Eddie's right rear leg checked out-he definitely tweaked it wrestling with Georgie yesterday and limped for a few minutes after, but I think I've caught him limping on and off for the last week or so. I might just be paranoid, but either way I want to make sure my wee man is okay :(

10. Getting my hairs did on Thursday! Cut and color, here I come :D

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Unknown said...

Don't hate, appreciate???? I LOVE IT!

You are a baby...