Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The White Death

aka what I am staring at from my office window right now. I've heard reports saying we're supposed to get 2-4", I've heard 3-5", I've heard 2-6", who knows? All I know is it's snowing now and it"s snowing hard. Ew. Something tells me my planned Thursday run is going to be inside. At least I got up at an ungodly hour to rock out a 5 mile tempo run (1 mile warm up, 3 miles 5k pace aka hauling ass, 1 mile cool down) before work, b/c there's no way I'd be driving to the gym after work in this crap.

In other random news:

-I got to enjoy a lovely snowycold run with my training group last Saturday. I haven't been in the mood to follow the prescribed program for my next half yet so I did 8 miles b/c I felt like it...and it was nice. Cold, but nice. I realized about halfway to where our training runs start that I had forgotten my jacket at home but thankfully remembered I had a lightweight North Face fleece in my trunk that, while covered with dog hair, suited the purpose just fine. Plus, since I signed up for a full year of training group, I got me a lovely day glo yellow jacket to wear when its cold...or dark...or both. Because this thing is bring enough to generate heat. Maybe if you're lucky I'll post pics of it. And because I can't go into the running store without buying SOMETHING, I picked up a lovely teal fleece lined running hoodie. It's sweet, and was 20% off thanks to my group discount. So yay!

-Eddie (aka wee doggy, and el Presidente of the Itty Bitty Pittie Committee) has an ear infection. This means I've become quite good at wrestling slippery black dogs and putting them in headlocks, seeing as I have to do this twice a day to get his drops in his right ear. Thankfully, he's started putting up less of a fight...once I catch him after chasing him around the house that is. More importantly, he's stopped shaking his head all the time and there's no more brown yucky crap in his ear. Because there was A LOT of it in there on Thursday (when we took him to the vet) and it made me feel horrible for him. Poor wee doggy :(

-My left knee has decided to be sore today. I'm hoping this just means I need a new pair of shoes, and not that I'm actually injured. We'll see.

-What else? Not much. I had all these great post ideas, and now the snow has sucked them all out of my head. Damn you, White Death!


Unknown said...

It looks pretty, if nothing else! :)

Great job getting out for the group run. Yeah, I can't do that. It's just not in me!

And poor pup. Hope he's feeling better!

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