Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's baaaaack...

The White Death has returned! It started snowing around 830am today, and hasn't stopped yet. I've heard predictions of 2-4 inches, 3-5 inches, and "whoTF knows how much snow we'll get" so I guess only time will tell. I'm just glad I had the sense to get up and get my major errands (gym, grocery x 3-yes I'm one of those multiple grocery store people, and oil change) out of the way before things got really crappy. Plus, J got out of working tonight so now we're looking forward to cooking out buffalo burgers and making oven fries. Yes, we're those crazy people that cookout in snow storms. We've done it forever and have the pictures to prove it :D

One of the items on today's "to do" list that could, and did, get postponed 'til tomorrow was picking up a new pair of running shoes. The discomfort in my knee is telling me that its time, I just havent had the chance...and going to the running store on increasingly crappier roads was not a risk I was willing to take just to pick up new shoes. Especially since I go by the running store on my way home from work. Hopefully this does the trick for my knee issue..I guess we'll see how Saturday's long run goes! I haven't run all week in an effort to let it rest, so that should work in my favor.

Now, onto more important things...time to find out what time we'll start dinner!


Anonymous said...

And I thought we were the only nutzos who cook out in the snow! I'm pretty sure we just do it because cooking out means drinking beer. Have fun!

Unknown said...

I think the snow is pretty! :)

Good luck with the new shoes! Hope it helps the knee!

Lori said...

Brit, that's the other thing we stock up on when it snows-some people stock up on milk, eggs, etc but we make sure we have plenty of beer! :D

Colleen-it IS long as I don't have to be out driving in it!

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