Monday, April 13, 2009


So, starting last Weds, I had five days off to look forward to. Had a little sore throat at work on Tuesday, but no biggie. Between getting Georgie Weds night and not getting much sleep that night and the next, my sore throat escalated into a full on cold. Snot, coughing, whole nine yards. Once we got Georgie's sleep issues under control (thanks to moving her crate into our bedroom) and I started sleeping more, I started feeling better. So what do I do? Run nine miles on Saturday. Hey, I've got a half marathon in three weeks! Still, not the greatest idea. Feel tired, but better all day Saturday. Get up Sunday, go to church and then brunch. Diane (Jason's mom) comes over after brunch to meet Georgiegirl, we go on a walk, then I take a nap.

THEN the fun starts. I wake up from my nap with serious chills. No bueno, seeing as I had on a sweatshirt, jeans, and socks, and was burrowed under a blanket. So I try to get up and move around, and put some laundry away. No problem, until I find myself depositing the rest of my brunch into the toilet. The chills were replaced by a lovely fever, topping out at 104.something, which is SO not like me at all. Poor Jason was freaking out :P We got the fever down, I called off work this morning and went to the nearest CVS Minute Clinic. Diagnosis=sinus infection. Got a 10 day dose of amoxicillin and headed back home.

Why this has to happen WHILE I'M ON VACATION, I'll never know. Such bullshit.

On the upside, Georgie is a great snuggle buddy :)

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Sarah Dee said...

Hope you're feeling better now! I always get sick on vacation or when I slow down for a long weekend. I think I'm so busy the rest of the time my body doesn't have a chance to get sick until its the least fun time of all.

Also, any more Georgie stories?