Saturday, January 17, 2009


Big dork alert here...but Star Trek: Enterprise is back on HDNet! It's strange, I've never been into the various Star Trek shows or movies...but Jason and I are ADDICTED to Enterprise! Maybe it's because Scott Bakula's character has a supercute beagle on the show, I don't know.

Also, yay for Costco! Melissa and I made our monthly trip there last night, and I lovelovelove that place. Seriously. We now have more food than you can shake a stick at, and that's okay.

A big non-yay goes out to Central Ohio's current weather. It's fucking cold, man. And snowy. I like days off from school, but this is getting ridiculous. I haven't run outside in almost a month, and I miss it. (No, I am not hardcore like my sister. It's too cold, plain and simple). This weather makes me want to sit inside and eat...and that will make my butt get big. So, no.

That's all I've got for just hasn't been THAT interesting lately :)

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