Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Makes ya think...

I borrowed this from a blog I read. Okay, stole. Either way, here goes...

1 minute ago... I was C&Ping this.

1 hour ago... I was sending Jason off to poker night.

1 day ago... I was getting ready to watch 24.

1 month ago... I was doing the HOORAY for Christmas dance.

1 year ago... I was totally stoked for my wedding, and booking our trip to Yellowstone.

1 decade ago... I was a senior in HS, trying to decide what I wanted to major in. B/c EVERYONE who goes to OSU has their major declared right from the start...at least, that's what my dad claimed.

2 decade ago... I was getting ready to move from Cincinnati to Michigan. Damn, that was 20 years ago. I also wore skirts.all.the.time.

5 minutes ago... I was thinking "Wow, a 2 hour delay tomorrow would be cool."

5 days ago... I was marveling at the pretty snow.

5 months ago... I was adjusting to newlywed life.

5 years ago... I was taking the GRE for the third time and getting my grad school applications out.

AAAAAND-hooray for President Obama! Though I didn't get to watch the inauguration live, this was still a pretty sweet day. Yay for democracy!

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tbonegrl said...

I might steal this too...great post!