Saturday, May 3, 2008


To quote the girls on the Knot who post "CHECK!!11!1!" every time they complete some item on theKnot's all knowing wedding checklist.

The quick and dirty on the house inspection yesterday...
1. There are two large and in charge wasp/hornet nests in the attic. Thank you sweetbabyjesus that said nests are NOT live.
2. Some electrician was apparently a lazy mofo and therefore 75% of the electrical outlet boxes are loose.
3. Most of the windows will take your fingers off by slamming down on them as soon as you put them up. Apparently, things called balancers keep this from happening, and said windows need new ones.
4. Some other lazy mofo got equally lazy with the weedwhacker, and took out parts of the siding along the bottom of the house. Bastid.
5. And last but not certainly not least, as it is definitely the biggest issue-the inspector said that at best, assuming Mother Nature is kind to Central Ohio (which doesn't often happen), the roof has another 2-4 years before it'll need to be replaced.

The roof issue is really the make or break point for us. Once we get the termite inspection and septic tank inspections done, we meet with our realtor and write up the "remedy requests", which are exactly what they sound like-a list of things we want the sellers to fix. If they won't have the roof replaced, they're going to have to significantly drop the price of the house, by the amount it would cost to have said roof replaced ourselves. And if neither one of these things happens, we're going to have to walk away. I do NOT want to do that, but there's no way we're not getting a new roof or adequate compensation out of the deal. If the roof had 5-10 years? Sure. But the 2-4 year estimate is assuming that we don't get any major hailstorms or snows in that time frame, and the chance of that happening is, uh....nil.

So, we'll see how the termite and septic inspections shake out, and what we can with the remedy requests. God, I hope this works out. I really want this house, and I want to be in it before the wedding.

Speaking of which...two and a half months. CRAPCRAPCRAP. I have a bridal shower in two weeks-no clue what to wear. Also no clue what to wear to the bridal shower that's a week after that. Other than that, we're in okay shape. Tasting next Fri, premarital counseling sessions to schedule, garter and guestbook/calendar thingy to order, a couple more dress fittings, various checking in calls with vendors to make, and invitations to address. Damn you, invitations! I will actually have to write neatly, and that sucks.

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