Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am impressed

We finally got the bulk of the invitations out this past Weds. (about two weeks later than planned, but when you have people that say "Oh, I'll help you address those" and then do nada, therefore leaving you do address all 150 of them takes longer). It's now Saturday, and we've gotten 8 RSVPs back already. Yee-ha!

Surprisingly, for being 7 weeks out, I am not freaking out yet. That is, if constantly reviewing my to-do list in my head does NOT constitute freaking out. I'm not in too bad of shape here-invites are 95% out, programs are finally taking shape (thanks to my cousin Chip), final fitting is Tuesday, and meetings with the DJ, reverend, hotel, photographer, and cake baker are impending. Plus, we have to order GM gifts (and figure out what to get our parents), get the FG dress in order, and make sure the GMs are working on getting their tux orders in. I swear, I'm not freaking out. Yet. Just overanalyzing, I think.

On the upside, my showers and bach party are out of the way. And thank you notes are almost done, yee-ha! My bach party was great fun...until the next morning, when I had the dry heaves for three hours before I FINALLY threw up. I've never been so glad to puke in my life. House hunting when hung over=bad. I suggest no one EVER do it.

Speaking of house hunting, we're heading back out tomorrow. We got word today that the listing agent for the house we initially went into contract on before walking away (aka the raging bitch from hell) finally conceded defeat, so I get my earnest money check back tomorrow and we can all close that nasty little chapter in the Great House Hunt of 2008.

Aaaaand, that's about all I've got. School's over for the summer, but I've still got to go out and pack stuff on Tuesday b/c the speech room's moving, and will have Extended School Year kids out that way starting Wednesday. Plus, I have to get my school files in order (which I didn't do in the first place...oops) before Hippotherapy and my language/social group start next week and I officially have NO time. Oh, joy.

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