Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're havin' a heat waaaaave

...literally. "Real Feel" temps outside are above 100 degrees right now. Seriously?
(before I forget, let me apologize in advance for any formatting issues. Apparently, the "publish post" function on Blogger is not cooperating with my computer, so I end up having to use my Blogger app on my phone to publish, and it likes to take out things like spaces between paragraphs. Fun.)
Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. The heat. Dear lord. You know its bad when its 80 degrees and humid at 6am, which has definitely put a cramp in my running. Yes, I know I can hit the gym...but I don't wanna. Plus, I'm on vacation this week (aka staycation) so that has added an extra degree of death to my motivation. But I'm trying, I swear.
Since my last post, working a/c has returned to my life, and my home. Hallefuckinglujah. There was a small issue with the new a/c unit that almost made me cry but thankfully was easily fixed and since then we've been rocking 72 degree comfort...and its awesome. The return of a/c to our lives had particularly good timing, seeing as we had a bunch of friends and family over this past weekend for our annual wedding anniversary celebration. Yep...three years of holy matrimony. Or unholy unity. Whatever. The point is, three years ago this past Tuesday J and I tied the knot in front of friends and family, with a whole lotta beer waiting for we celebrate our anniversary with friends and family, and a whole lotta beer. Of course, J gave me the eyebrow Saturday morning as I got up super early for my usual run with my running group...but I reminded him that me running=me not turning into a stressed out crazy woman while prepping for the partay. And then the eyebrow went away, and I enjoyed a perfectly nice (but humid) 10.5 mile run.
Oh, running. This has not been easy, with the heat. I try to suck it up, but its not easy. Thankfully, Tuesday's 4 mile run with a friend was super early (like 6am) and we got rained on for the first 10 mins or so which definitely helped cool us off a bit. Hopefully the heat decided to cut us some slack soon, but in the meantime we all get to suffer :$
Oooh, I almost forgot...I won something! A while back, I entered Sam's raffle at , contributed some $$$ to Sam's fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society (and got virtual raffle tickets in the process), and won a book in the process :) I'm pretty excited b/c I never win anything in blog giveaways, so yay for this! I won a copy of Bart Yasso's "My Life on the Run" and its been pretty interesting so far. Bart's run in some really cool places that I will very likely never get to, so its been fun to live vicariously through his stories, in a way.
I feel like I'm forgetting something...oh well. If I remember, I'll post it. Don't melt, everyone!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Bart is a super nice guy and has awesome stories.

Unknown said...

Ugh... it's been miserably hot! We don't have AC in our house - it's too old1 :( We were melting until we purchased a few window AC's. Now we're good. But, we did do 12 miles on the hamster wheel track today. Just couldn't bear to be hot anymore!

Anonymous said...

Did you meet Bart when he was here? I really liked his book. Which pace group are you in? I had no idea MIT had so many bloggers!

Lori said...

Ironically enough I didn't get to meet Bart when he was here...but ended up with a copy of his book anyway! :) The book's pretty good so far, I remember some of the stories from Runner's World. I'm in the 9:30 pace group, how about you?

Unknown said...

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