Monday, September 6, 2010

Four years...

Four years ago, I went over to my parents' house for a Labor Day cookout. While I was there, I was looking for something in their bathroom and decided to step on the scale (sadly, I have never been one to resist stepping on the scale. I need to work on that. I swear, they put magnets in those things). To my dismay, the scale said a number that I had always said it would never get to. I said to myself "Goddamnit, this has got to stop. I'm getting married in two years, and that's plenty of time to get my butt back in shape." So on the way home, I went to the gym near my apartment and pretty much walked in and said "Sign me up, I don't care how much it costs." I started going religiously and eating healthier, and even decided to sign up for a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5 mile run (thanks to my sister's cajoling).

And now here I am, four years and almost 30 lbs lighter. I actually like going the gym (especially if there's a spin class involved) and like running outside even more. Hell, I've run more 5ks and 10k's than I can count, and have three (soon to be four) half marathons under my belt (and still no desire to train for a full marathon). I still love my junk food, but have finally learned to show some restraint (sometimes) and do other things when I'm stressed besides eat. Like go on a run.

I will not post before/after pictures because I still don't really like to look at the before pictures very much, but you get the idea. I'm still not at my ideal weight, but I'm pretty close (within 10 lbs) and have been for a couple of years so I'm starting to make my peace with that. If I lose the weight, awesome, but if not that's okay too. The biggest thing is that I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been, and I will never let myself get back to where I was four years ago this weekend.

And that's enough about that. To recap this lovely long weekend-Football has returned to my life (Go Bucks!), my friend and her adorable puppy came to visit from Pittsburgh, I fell and scraped up my knee real good about 7.5 miles into my 9 mile long run on Saturday (no running w/running group due to my car getting a new transmission), my friend and I ran around Columbus a bit, I made it through a recovery run this AM without hurting myself, and I have to go back to work tomorrow :(



Katie said...

So awesome that you can look back on one exact day that changed things for you. And yay for running! You are a great motivator and I'm so glad we're running buddies!

carla said...

heres to happier and healthier.
no need for the pictures as your words paint one entirely.


Unknown said...

So glad that you found the benefits of running - you seem so happy when we talk about it. I love it! :)