Sunday, February 22, 2009

I hate Sundays

Seriously. They suck. I had a perfectly productive weekend that went WAY too quickly. Good dinner out with the girls on Friday, cleaned out my car and the green bedroom and met my parents and sister for dinner yesterday, and did a 2 hour spinning fundraiser for cancer awareness and had friends over today. Now, I need a nap. And food. 2 hours of spinning will do that.

Week 2 of 1/2 Pig training is in.the.bag. 10 weeks to go...ack! It's been pretty low key so far-the long runs are 4 miles and I'm used to running at least that on a regular basis. This week, I bump the Sunday runs up to five miles, which still isn't a killer for me but will still be a little more difficult. I just want to get through this half marathon without hurting myself...finishing in a respectable time would be a bonus.

I get to go to Cinci next weekend for my friend Jess's baby shower, and hopefully having dinner with a friend along the way. Hopefully, my sister's satanic cat doesn't try to kill me in my sleep :P

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D said...

I think one of my friends did the same spin-a-thon as you over the weekend. You girls are my idols - I wish I was a runner/spinner/athlete. You rock!