Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm aliiiiiive!

A recap of the last 48 hours or so of my life...(sorry in advance for the TMI, but that's just how I roll).

12am Sunday-tummy not happy. Mentally hope it's just my paranoia b/c Jason's sister (who was staying with us) had the stomach flu. Fall asleep on couch to the sounds of Super Mario Galaxy.

3am Sunday-wake up on couch. Tummy STILL unhappy. Trudge up to bed, and lay there trying to will it away.

330am-Nope. No dice. Go throw up. Take pillow and Starlight (my 23 year old stuffed horse) to the family room, plop on the loveseat, and turn on the NCIS marathon that was going on USA.

7am-after laying on the couch in misery for 3 1/2 hours, go puke again. Followed by some disgusting stuff coming from the other end.

730, 8am, 830, 9am, 930, 10am-more of the same. Misery ensues. Stomach settles down, the other part doesn't follow suit until 1pm or so.

10am on-lay in misery on the couch. Let Jason wait on me hand and foot until he leaves for work at 4. Lay in more misery, but fend for myself. Watch House marathon on USA all day, and remind myself that I could be much sicker, and that show is proof.

Today-back to work. Bah! But yay for not puking. I had Wendy's for dinner tonight, and it was FABULOUS. I love food.

Coming pictures!


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